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Suzhou City, Prudential's Electronics Co., Ltd. is a high-tech radio-based design and ceramic materials leading RF components suppliers, mainly for wired and wireless communications.
We have a very experienced team, according to different needs of customers self-development, and to provide system optimization design.
Now, we can offer the following products: dielectric filters / diplexers, multi-channel combiners, cavity filters / duplexers, SAW filter, LC filter, VCO, PLL module , electromagnetic interference filters, GPS antenna, GPS antenna module, dielectric resonator, power resistors, RF modules, power attenuators, power resistors.
In the after-sales service, we responded quickly to our confidence and enthusiasm greatly satisfy customers, in terms of quality assurance, from quality to customer operations, constantly kept a record of all affect product quality, and the ability to send timely quality engineer to assist customers with any service.