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Compared with developed countries, China's mobile penetration is still relatively low, operators based on 3G technology, communications infrastructure laying work will continue for some time,
Other emerging market demand for electronic components for RF equally strong. Medium and long term can be expected to adopt 4G technology, communications infrastructure equipment replacement will lead to demand for radio frequency electronic components blowout in the global market once again.
Company for our RF electronic components market segments leading manufacturers in the manufacture of ceramic dielectric filter most filters very competitive with domestic mobile phone manufacturers produce different filters, the Target Company production of communications equipment (base stations, repeaters, etc.) radio frequency electronic components, which make the product more profitable positioning and rare native similar competitor.
Developed the first domestic manufacturers temperature compensation attenuator, using technology has reached world advanced level in product development by the South Korean and foreign technical experts responsible for the associated Technology Research Institute to establish a good relationship of cooperation, while actively seeking to work with the technical aspects of domestic ceramics authoritative research institutions.
"Technology Import + local production" business model proved to be effective by the market: the company through import consignment of foreign electronic components business ahead of similar products on the domestic market potential for testing, training and guidance. Subject to market demand, mature, the company quickly increase investment for local production of the product.