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EMC\\\'s major international organizations

Date:March 15,2017 Hits:6497

Current research on electromagnetic compatibility international standardization organizations including:

1. IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission)

IEC is the main manufacturer of folk (group) consisting of electrical standards on international organizations, and now form the TC (Technical Committee), consists of 78 committees, and CISPR (International Special Committee on Radio Interference) and other four special committee , a particularly close relationship with EMC is the TC-77 and CISPR, the Commission also accept other EMC-related (including frequency filter) of each research projects.

2. TC-77 (electrical equipment electromagnetic compatibility between the Commission)

TC EMC countries are active in the organization of the next, to find common ground, to develop the relevant norms, and do not care for each TC problems created WG (Working Group) and Sub Comm (Sub-Committee), in addition to the United States and the United Kingdom, the TC- 77 and CISPR There affiliates

3. CISPR (International Special Committee on Radio Interference)

IEC CISPR is a subsidiary body, but its activity is way more independent than the TC. It is for research, protection broadcast reception, communications and other interference with other electrical equipment on the establishment of a special agency. It was founded in 1934, is to study uniform test methods based on a variety of electrical equipment electromagnetic interference limits proposed recommendations. CISPR has seven sub-committees, where G is the March 1986 Branch newly established institutions, including communications equipment, including its acceptance of a variety of information technology equipment brought by electromagnetic interference and interference issues.

4. CCITT (International Telegraph and Telephone Consultative Committee)

The committee's fifth and sixth research study group often EMC-related topics, and regular annual meeting. Currently fifth study group to consider the main topics: 1) on human safety overvoltage flow problem; 2) communication equipment overvoltage injection flow and resistance to standardization of endurance; 3) induced noise problems; 4) grounding problem .

5. TC-65 (Industrial Process Measurement and Control Technical Committee)

TC-65 and TC-77 for EMC studies are effective. These technical committees conducting research and development of EMC standards are harmonized with CISPR.

6. IWCS (International Wire and Cable Symposium)

There are more than 20 countries participated in the organization (mainly in the United States carry out activities), research cable structure, materials, specifications, testing, construction and maintenance and manufacturing related topics for various electromagnetic environment protection adopted by the harmful effects of the special cable structure is one of the important topics.

7. IEEE-EMC (electromagnetic compatibility Electrical and Electronics Engineers Professional Committee)

American Institute of Radio Engineers (IRE) was established in 1957 RFI professional study group, convened a colloquium in 1959 and renamed the EMC technical study group. 1978 Electromagnetic compatibility Electromagnetic compatibility study group to professional committee. Since 1959, an annual symposium held in electromagnetic compatibility. Founder of the Professional Committee of electromagnetic compatibility, and its objectives include: 1) maintenance of technical standards; 2) immediately publish authoritative articles; 3) Institute of concern to introduce new developments in various fields.


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